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The founder Yasutaro Kuraishi started to manufacture and sell electrical appliances in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
1909 Success in prototyping 1/8 horsepower single-phase commutator.
1922 Development of A2 type 1/6 horsepower commutator motors.
1940 Development of single-phase 1/30 horsepower synchronous motors.
Establishment of "Toyo-Dendoki Co., Ltd." in Kojima-cho, Taito-ku
1951 Development of synchronous motors with 5W output.
Company name changed to "Oriental Motor Co., Ltd".
1953 Development of cooling fans at first time.
1957 Start to sell "standard products (22 kinds of motors)" positively which developed gradually after the World War 2.
Accomplishment of Head Quarter Building
Toyoshiki Plant (current R&D center : Kashiwa-City, Chiba.) started its operation.
1966 Development of "K series", our long-selling compact AC standard motors.
Headquarters moved to Kashiwa-City in Chiba.
Takamatsu plant started its operation.
1971 Development of brake packages as the first motor controlling circuits.
Tsuruoka plant and Tsuchiura plant started their operation.
1974 Development of speed control motors/speed control circuit.
1976 Development of stepping motors.
Establishment of an overseas office in U.S.A.
Establishment of an overseas office in Taiwan.
1981 Development of 5-phase stepping motors/control circuit.
Establishment of an overseas office in Germany.
Establishment of overseas production in Singapore.
1983 Development of brushless DC fans.
1984 Development of AC servo motors/control circuit.
Tsuruoka-Higashi plant started its operation.
1985 Development of UPD series that combines a 5-phase stepping motor and control circuit.
Oriental Motor Co.,Ltd and Oriental Motor Sales Co.,Ltd. merged to establish the integrated system of manufacturing and sales. 1986
1987 Release of new K series that made overall improvement on the K series.
Headquarters moved to Ueno in Tokyo.
Establishment of R&D center in Kashiwa-City, Chiba and Kashiwa plant started its operation"
Establishment of an amalgamated company (INA OM) in Korea. 1989
1990 Development of anti-dust/water-proof motors.
1991 Development of motorized cylinders, motorized sliders, and dedicated controllers.
1992 Release of UPK series that combines a high-torque 5-phase stepping motor and control circuit.
Tsuruoka-Nishi plant started its operation.
Soma plant started its operation.
Establishment of an overseas office in Singapore.
Establishment of an overseas office in U.K.
Establishment of an overseas office in Italy.
Establishment of an overseas office in Korea.
Establishment of an overseas office in France.
1998 Development of alfa step, new generation stepping motor units.
Release of WK Series, small AC standard motors compliant with safety standards and compatible with global voltage.

1999 Development of AXU series products, thin high power DC brushless motors. Release of cooling modules.
Release of Cooling Modules FM series
Establishment of an overseas office in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur).
2000 Release of RK series, stepping motors with the latest motor drive technologies.
Takamatsu-Kozai plant started its operation.
2001 Release of V series that adopts 'BOS' noise-reducing technology.
Development of EZ limo, new motorized linear slides and cylinders.
20th company anniversary of Singapore Oriental Motor.
2002 Release of PK series standard P type, stepping motors that achieve higher torque.
Establishment of Hong Kong branch office.
2003 Release of AC motors that have China Compulsory Certification (CCC system).
Establishment of an overseas office in Shanghai.
Establishment of an overseas office in Thailand.
Establishment of an overseas office in Malaysia (Penang).
2005 Release of CRK series, 5-phase stepping motor and driver package.
Release of brushless DC motor BLF series.
2006 Release of EZSII Series, new motorized linear slides.
Release of RoHS complaint products.
Tsukuba plant started its operation
Ueno Corporation relocation. Shanghai display room update. Set up Beijing, Qingdao, Guangzhou business offices. Suzhou Dongfang Motor started operating.
2011 For the Asian market sales of the world specifications K series.
Introduced the new 5-phase stepping motor RKII series of high efficiency, low vibration. 2012
2013 Introduced closed loop stepper motor combination α STEP AZ series built-in absolute encoder (no battery required).
Xiamen base set up. 2014
2015 The new KII KIIS series opens the new standard for AC motors. Introduced speed control motor combination US2 series control loop digitization, speed change rate ± 1%.
Set up a subsidiary in Switzerland. 2016
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