At Oriental Motor, a device that outputs pulse signals needed to operate a stepping motor is called a "controller." These products let you make various settings to control your motor and also permit connection with a programmable controller and sensors. Select a controller that best suits your system.

Stored-Program Type Controllers

EMP400 Series
In addition to enhanced oscillation functions that only a motor manufacturer can provide, this series includes sequence functions that make programming sequential operations possible and I/O control functions.

Stored-Data Type Controllers

The PG1200 is a controller that can simply set 4 positioning data with its front panel.
2 installation configurations are available: using DIN rails and flush installation. As input specifications, both sink logic and source logic are available.

Network Converter

A transducer from each communication protocol to our unique RS-485 communication protocol. By using this network converter, our RS‐485 compatible products can be controlled under host communication.