Product Warranty

Scope of Intended Applications

Our products are designed and manufactured for use in general industrial applications. They are not intended for use in nuclear power generation, aerospace, railway, vehicle, entertainment machinery, safety equipment, medical equipment or any other application having a significant effect on human life or property. If you intend to use our products in any of the above non-intended applications, please consult us regarding the specific application and operating environment before doing so. We must remind you, however, that our warranty only covers the items specified under "Product Warranty."

Product Warranty

We will repair free of charge any defect in material or workmanship found in our product during the warranty period. The warranty repair covers only our product. (However, in the case of our product being a circuit product, the warranty covers both our product and our software installed in our product only.) We shall not be liable for any loss or lost opportunity the user may experience in connection with a defect in our product. This warranty shall not cover defects due to expiration of the product's service life or replacement of consumable parts.

Warranty Period

The warranty period of our product shall be two (2) years after delivery to a location specified by you.


Defects and malfunctions of our product arising from one or more of the following causes are excluded from the scope of this warranty:
1. any condition, environment, handling or use which is not appropriate or not specified in our product catalogue or other product specifications and documents approved by us;
2. any cause or any reason not associated with our product;
3. a modification or repair to our product not performed by us;
4. a use other than the intended use of our product;
5. a condition not foreseeable based on the science or technology available at the time of delivery from our premises;
6. an act of God, natural disaster or any other cause or reason beyond our reasonable control.

The above provisions apply to our products which are sold and used in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. If our product is or will be shipped overseas, please consult our Sales Office [for the applicable terms of our product warranty for overseas sale and use of our products].