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Motorized Linear Slides EZS Series

EZS Series

Battery-free AZ Series Equipped with Built-In Absolute Sensor

Linear Actuator

The Motorized Linear Slides are positioning Linear Slides that adopt AZ Series motors, composed of frames; guide rails; guide blocks; and ball screws. These motorized linear slides are capable of accurate and precise straight-line motion due to the rotation of ball screws and guides.


High Rigidity and High Precision

Achieve high permissible moments even with a compact body by adopting a highly rigid guide.

Adopted THK LM guides✽ with ball retainers. These thin stainless guides can handles high moments. With a highly precise guide, the traveling parallelism of 0.03 mm or less has been achieved.

Simple Dustproof Structure

Prevents Intrusion of foreign matter and supressess dust with the simple dustproof structure and stainless sheet and roller structure on the table.

A low dust roller structure is equipped on the table, preventing abrasion powder from occurring since the roller comes in contact with the stainless sheet. It not only suppresses dust, but improves the stainless sheet rigidity.

Space Saving

Take full advantage of spaces since there is no interference with the load. Contact Installation is possible.

The full length of side-mounted types are shorter by a maximum of 136.4 mm compared to standard types, contributing to space saving of the device.

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