Speed Control Motors
Brushless Motor and Driver Packages

BLV Series R Type

A brushless motor with a DC power input that is even smaller and lighter. Low-speed operation from 1r/min can be set to achieve smooth drive. It is battery-powered and supports the development of more compact devices. It supports Modbus (RTU) and CANopen communication.
Safety Solutions

The growing trend of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) is an example of the evolving market in Industry 4.0.

At Oriental Motor, we provide reliable drive control products suitable for mobility platforms. Additionally, we have partnered with SICK sensors to offer innovative solutions for safely monitoring and machine movements.

Together, we bring you comprehensive solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. Experience the synergy today!

Consultation and Sizing Services

We offer expert assistance and guidance to assist you in selecting the optimal motor for your application.

Simply provide us with the necessary details and leave the rest to us as we will take on the laborious task of sizing for you.

Access Sales Support from Both SICK and Oriental Motor

Access a wide range of support from pre-purchase to after-sales support such as; warranty coverage, troubleshooting services and more.

At Oriental Motor, we provide Inspection and Repair services in the event you encounter any problems with or damage to Oriental Motor products. If repair is required, we will advise on the applicable charges.

*Note: Free repair is available if products are used in accordance with the warranty condition at Oriental Motor.