The entire Oriental Motor Group engages in the appropriate and smooth procurement of parts, etc. and has established a production system that can meet customers’ needs.

A System that Delivers Products When Needed with Quick Delivery

Products listed in our catalog and on our website can be purchased anytime, anywhere, and in any quantity. Thus, we have a production system in place to ensure that the products ordered are delivered on the promised delivery dates.

A System that Delivers Products When Needed with Quick Delivery: Image

Achieving Reliable Quality and Stable Supply

To ensure that our customers can use our products with peace of mind, we have established standards for each production process and built a manufacturing system that ensures the production of quality products. In addition, in order to improve product productivity and quality, we are actively implementing equipment in processes that were previously performed by people as well as automation of assembly processes to ensure a stable supply of products. In order to improve productivity and quality, as well as safety and comfort for workers, we are trying to maintain harmony between people’s skills and automation by replacing labor with equipment and robots as much as possible, while having people take charge of processes that require people’s skills.

  • Gear Cutting
    Gear Cutting
  • Rotor Processing
    Rotor Processing
  • Wire Winding Processing
    Wire Winding Processing
  • Press Working
    Press Working
  • Carburizing and Quenching Treatment
    Carburizing and Quenching Treatment
  • Assembly Process
    Assembly Process

Our Efforts to Meet Delivery Dates

We have established systems for manufacturing products on time for various orders from customers.
The core system that manages production activities was renewed in Fiscal Year 2017, evolving into a simpler and more stable system ranging from receiving orders to shipment. In addition, in order to deliver our products to the world in the same manner as delivering them domestically, some of our products are manufactured at our overseas locations. To ensure that our policy for manufacturing is the same both in Japan and overseas, we have welcomed trainees from overseas and are passing on the policy.

  • SMT Line
    SMT Line
  • Construction of an Quick Delivery System
    Construction of an Quick Delivery System (Los Angeles)
  • Production Trainee from Abroad>
          <figcaption class=Production Trainees from Abroad

Manufacturing and Personnel Training

It is the "People" that support production activities. Each employee must have a sense of purpose and strive to grow through their work. All employees participate in studies and study groups by acquiring qualifications such as various technical skill tests, machine maintenance technician qualifications, and adhesion controller qualifications to improve their skills and support manufacturing.