Electric Grippers

EH Series

Electric Grippers EH Series
  • Achieve Delicate Grasp
  • Equipped with Closed Loop Stepper Motor
  • 2-Finer/3-Finger Type Available
  • Maximum Gripping Force 50 N

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Key Features

A "Delicate Grip" Approach to a Wide Variety of Load

The operating current can be set in 1 % increments, allows fine-tuning the gripping force.


Easy-to-damage and easy-to-deform loads can be gripped.

Fig.: Electronic Components

The 3-finger type is suitable for gripping spherical, cylindrical or easily deformable loads.

EH Series 3-Finger Gripping a Spherical Load


Loads can be oriented and aligned.

Fig.: Can Align Load's Position and Orient Load's Direction.
EH Series 3-Finger Gripping a Cylindrical Load


Load size can be determined and measured.

Fig.: Load Size Can be Determined and Measured

For Delicate Operations, the EH Series is Recommended Over a Pneumatic Gripper

Adjust the Gripping Force in 1 % Increments (2-Finger and 3-Finger)

Adjustment with a pneumatic gripper's regulator (pressure reducing valve) is unnecessary. The gripping force can be easily and finely adjusted with digital settings.

Adjust the Speed in 0.02 mm/s Increments (2-Finger)

Adjustment with a pneumatic gripper's speed controller (speed control valve) is unnecessary.

Adjust the Traveling Amount in 0.02 mm Increments (2-Finger)

This gripper takes advantage of the high positioning accuracy of the stepper motor.

Position Monitoring With an ABZO Sensor (2-Finger and 3-Finger)

Detailed position information can be monitored. When using the 2-finger type, position information can also be used to determine the load size.

2-Finger Type and 3-Finger Type Can be Used for Different Applications

Comparison of 2-Finger and 3-Finger Types

Type 2-Finger*1 3-Finger
Load Shape Suitable for Gripping
Zoom on the EH Series 2-Finger Square Gripped Object
Cylinders, Complex Shapes, Spheres
Zoom on the EH Series 3-Finger Gripped Object
Moving Range
Moving Range
Moving Range
Moving Range
When Open:
P.C.D. ϕ30.9 mm
When Closed:
P.C.D. ϕ7 mm
Moving Range arrow Moving Range
Opening Width:
P.C.D. ϕ23.9 mm
Max. Gripping Force [N] 25 50
Permissible Load [N]
(Permissible axial load [N]*2)
5 15
Mass [kg] 0.38 0.38 (with mounting cover)
0.28 (without mounting cover)
The values correspond to the specifications for Model 4.
This is for 3-finger type.

Features of 3-Finger Type

  • Due to the large permissible axial load, it is suitable for application with large load masses.
  • Each finger opens and closes while rotating.

Advantages of AZ Series Equipped

Battery-Free Absolute Encoder Equipped

It is equipped with a small battery-free mechanical absolute encoder (ABZO sensor). This can help improve productivity and reduce costs.

ABZO sensor
  • Mechanical-Type Sensor
    Retains positioning information even when power is not supplied
  • Multi-Rotation Absolute Encoder
    Absolute position detection is possible with ±900 (1,800) revolutions of the motor shaft from the home position

No External Sensors Required

As it is an absolute system, home sensors or limit sensors are not required.


  • Improved High-Speed Return-to-Home + Return-to-Home Accuracy
  • Reduced Cost
  • Simple Wiring
  • Not Affected by External Sensor Malfunction


Mechanical sensors do not require batteries.
Positioning information is managed mechanically by the ABZO Sensor.


  • No need to replace batteries
  • Unlimited Driver Installation Possibilities
  • Safe for Overseas Shipping

Simplifying the Main Program via Sequence Function

The AZ Series come equipped with a wide variety of sequence functions such as timer settings for linked operation and during operations, conditional branching, and loop operation. (excluding some models)
It can be set up using the support software MEXE02, which simplifies the sequence program of the host system.

  • Positioning Operation Data Setting Value (max. 256)
  • General-Purpose I/O Signal Counts (Input 10, Output 6)
  • Communication I/O Signal Counts (Input 16, Output 16)

AZ Series-Equipped Product Line

Since the motors installed are the same, the operating and maintenance methods are the same.

Electric Actuators (AZ Series equipped)

Electric Linear Slides Electric Cylinders Compact Electric Cylinders Rack-and-Pinion System Electric Grippers Hollow Rotary Actuators
EAS Series
EZS Series
EZSH Series
EAC Series DR Series
DRS2 Series
L Series
LJ Linear Heads
Combination With AZ Series*
EH Series DGII Series
  • The power supply input of the installed motor differs between Series. Please refer to each series page for the detailed product line.
  • *For the LJ linear head, the AZ Series is purchased separately and assembled for use.

Driver Features and Product Line

Drivers That Can be Selected to Match the Host Controller

The lineup is available for a variety of controls, systems, and interfaces.

Driver Type Compatible Interfaces Single Axis Driver
DC Input
DC input
Network Compatible Drivers are controlled directly from a host control device through industrial network EtherCAT
Built-in Controller Operation data is built into the driver. Controllable by Modbus (RTU) and I/O.
Can be controlled via CC-Link by using a network converter.
Modbus (RTU)
Pulse Input with RS-485 Communication Controlled by pulse signal. Motor status information can be monitored via Modbus (RTU). Pulse input
Modbus (RTU)
Pulse Input Controlled by pulse signal Pulse input
  • *EtherCAT® is registered trademark and patented technology, licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany.
  • *EtherNet/IP™ is a trademark of ODVA.
  • *PROFINET is a trademark or registered trademark of PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO).
  • *MECHATROLINK is a registered trademark of the MECHATROLINK Members Association.
  • *SSCNETⅢ/H is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
  • *CC-Link is a registered trademark of the CC-Link Partner Association.

Easy Drive From PC with Support Software MEXE02

By using the support software MEXE02, you can set and edit operation data and various parameters, as well as teach and monitor various conditions.

Click Here to Download the Support Software

Comprehensive Support From Start-up to Maintenance with a Variety of Functions

  • Startup and Evaluation

    Useful functions for wiring check and test operation are provided.

    • Setting and Saving of Operation Data
    • I/O Monitoring
    • Teaching, Remote Operation
  • Adjustment

    The following functions are available to help you adjust motor operation after the equipment is installed.

    • Waveform Monitoring
  • Diagnosis and Maintenance

    Diagnostic and maintenance functions are available for trouble diagnosis and maintenance after operation is started.

    • Alarm Monitoring
    • Unit Information Monitor
    • Status Monitor
  • Operation Data/Parameter Setting Screen
    Operation Data/Parameter Setting Screen
  • Waveform Monitoring
    Waveform Monitoring

Click Here for Details of Support Software Functions


Using a compact, lightweight EH for the end effector reduces the load on other drive axes. This contributes to reduction of takt time and size.

Use as an End Effector for Robots

For Articulated Robots

Compact and Lightweight End Effector (Articulated)

For Cartesian Robots

Compact and Lightweight End Effector (Cartesian)
W 42.5 mm × D 80.5 mm × H 36 mm W 48.5 mm × D 91 mm × H 46 mm W 47 mm × D 90.5 mm × H 46 mm
Mass: 200 g Mass: 380 g Mass: 280 g

Examples of Robot In-House Production

Easy Installation on Commercially Available Industrial Robots

Flanges are available for installing EH Series on commercially available industrial robots (Collaborative robots).
Flanges on the robot side are shaped in accordance with ISO 9409-1 (JIS 8436).

Click here for details

Flange mount
YASKAWA Electric Robot

Related Products

AZ Series mini Driver DC Input

This is a mini driver designed to be more compact and lightweight than a box-style driver. Also compatible with battery power supply, so it can be used for an even wider range of applications than before.

Click Here for Details

  • *EtherCAT® is registered trademark and patented technology, licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany.
  • *EtherNet/IP™ is a trademark of ODVA.
  • *PROFINET is a trademark or registered trademark of PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO).
  • *Modbus is a registered trademark of Schneider Automation Inc.
  • *Ethernet is a registered trademark of Fujifilm Business Innovation Corporation.
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