Technical Report RENGA

Since the first issue of RENGA was published in March 1966, this Technical Report has provided customers with useful technical information, as well as information on Oriental Motor's research and development activities. (Report format)

[Meaning of RENGA]
Bricks, “renga” in Japanese, have been used in buildings since the time of ancient Mesopotamia.
The fact that it is still in use today, after 6000 years, tells us that it is a highly standardized and progressive material.
Oriental Motor named this technical journal "RENGA" because Oriental Motor's products and parts are highly standardized and because some of Oriental Motor's buildings are made of bricks.


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Learn more about the high-torque technology for stepper motors using hybrid type radial induction
High-torque Technology for Stepper Motors Using Hybrid Type Radial Induction

June 9, 2023 NEW

The principle of high-torque technology will be explained, and the effect of shortening positioning time and reduction of loss and leakage flux will be compared with existing products.

Learn more about the brushless motors contribute to carbon neutrality
Brushless Motors Contribute to Carbon Neutrality

December 28, 2022

The effect of reducing power consumption by high efficiency motors is verified using an efficiency map, using variable speed drive of a conveyor with variable operating points as an example.

Learn more about the development of robot controller MRC01 and the example of introducing robot to equipment
Development of Robot Controller MRC01 and Example of Introducing Robot to Equipment

August 19, 2022

We have developed a controller that can control robots of various structures, made in-house. We introduce product features and technologies.

Learn more about the concentric shaft gear development of parallel shaft gear reduction mechanism
Concentric Shaft Gear Development of Parallel Shaft Gear Reduction Mechanism

April 28, 2022

This is a concentric shaft gear with a new structure that has a much higher permissible torque and permissible radial load by increasing the size of the gears and bearings for the same frame size.