Reversible Motors

Reversible Motors
  • Built-in Simple Brake
  • Rotation Direction Can be Instantly Switched Even During Operation
  • Output Power 1 to 90 W

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Reversible Motor Features

Ideal for Applications Where Bi-directional Operation is Repeated Frequently

The motors have a 30 minutes rating to permit instantaneous switching of rotation direction. A simple built-in brake at the back of the motor makes reversible motors an ideal choice for applications where bi-directional operation is repeated frequently.

*30 Minutes Rating
The motors may be operated continuously for 30 minutes, but depending on operating conditions (intermittent operation etc.), they can be operated for more than 30 minutes.

Easy Operation

All you need is to connect a capacitor and plug the motor into an AC power supply, and the motor can be easily operated.

Brake Pack Stops the Motor Instantaneously

Suitable for applications where the overrun of a reversible motor is reduced and the instantaneous stop is performed.
The brake pack SB50W is equipped with a function that can output an alarm signal when the thermal protector built into the motor is activated.

Brake Pack

Conforms to International Safety Standards

All models conform to various safety standards and have built-in overheat protective devices.

Applicable Standards

UL/CSA Standards Certified
Component certified under the China Compulsory Certification System (CCC System)
Implemented CE Marking (Low Voltage Directive)

Motor Overheat Protective Device

Thermal Protector,
Impedance Protected Motors

  • Standards Mark
  • Built-In Thermal Protector

Features of Gearheads and Linear Heads

Gearhead: Easy Deceleration and Torque Increase

By combining the motor and gearhead, it is possible to reduce the speed to the desired speed or increase the torque.


Linear Head: Converts Motor Rotation to Linear Motion

Combined with a linear head, the rotary motion of the motor can be converted to linear motion. Square rack type and round rack type are available.

Click here for more information on linear heads

Linear Heads

Wide Variation

Different gearheads can be used for different applications.

Wide Variety of Motor and Gearhead Combinations

Reversible Motor Structure

Brake Mechanism

Reversible motors have a simple built-in brake mechanism (friction brake) at the rear of the motor.
This brake mechanism is installed for the following purposes.

  • To improve the instant reversing characteristics by adding a frictional load.
  • To reduce overrun.

The brake mechanism is constructed as shown in the figure. The coil spring applies constant pressure to allow the brake shoe to slide toward the brake disk.
This mechanism provides a certain degree of holding force, but the brake force is limited due to the mechanism's structure, and we set it to approximately 10 % of the motor's output torque.

brake mechanism

Motor Performance Comparison

Rotation Speed and Speed Control Range

Standard AC motors (constant speed motors) such as induction motors, vary their rotation speed according to the power supply frequency, and the rated speed is approximately 1200 r/min at a frequency of 50 Hz and approximately 1450 r/min at 60 Hz. Speed control motors are available for a wide range of operating speeds from low to high.

Performance Comparison of Speed and Speed Control Range

Stopping Performance

When the motor is stopped, overrun (overshoot) occurs.
Overrun can be reduced when electromagnetic brake motors or instantaneous stop functions are used.

Comparison of Stopping Performance


  • Conveyor: Instantaneous Stop

    When combined with a brake pack, easy positioning is possible and overrun can be reduced.

    Conveyor: Instantaneous Stop
  • Conveyor: Variable Speed

    Bi-directional operation can be performed frequently.

    Conveyor: Variable Speed
  • Turntable

    Repeated stop and start operations at a set position can be possible.


Product Line

Motors and gearheads are sold separately. Please purchase each one separately.
When you move from "Filter by Specs" screen, you can narrow down products by entering various conditions.

Motor/Parallel Shaft Gearhead, Round Shaft Type

Voltage [V] Type Frame Size [mm]/Output Power
42 60 70 80 90
1 W 6 W 15 W 25 W 40 W 60 W 90 W
Lead Wire
Terminal Box Type - -
Lead Wire
Terminal Box Type - -
  • *1 W type is single-phase 200 VAC only.

Motor/Right-Angle Gearhead

Voltage [V] Type Frame Size [mm]/Output Power
42 60 70 80 90
1 W 6 W 15 W 25 W 40 W 60 W 90 W
Lead Wire - - -
Terminal Box Type - - -
Lead Wire - - -
Terminal Box Type - - -
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