Thermostat for Fan


Thermostat for Fan AM2-XA1
  • Automatically Control the Operation and Stopping of the Fan
  • Contributes to Power Consumption Reduction
  • 33 mm (W), 42.5 mm (D), 70 mm (H)

Tính năng |Thermostat for Fan AM2-XA1

It is a switch that turns the contact ON when a set temperature is reached.
When used with a fan, the fan can be controlled ON/OFF according to the setting temperature, thus reducing the power consumption of the fan.

Thermostat for Fan

How to Install a Thermostat

Energy Saving, Noise Reduction Operation During Fan Drive

Fan power consumption can be reduced by operating the fan only when necessary.
It also minimizes the noise emitted by the fan.

Operation Flow (Image) When the Temperature at Which the Fan Turns ON is Set to 40 °C and the Temperature Inside the Enclosure Rises and the Fan Operates
Thermostat for Fan

Application Example

ON-OFF Control for a Single Cooling Fan

When the inside of the equipment gets hot and reaches the setting temperature, the cooling fans are driven automatically, and it has cooled down, they automatically stop.

Connection Diagram for ON-OFF Control of a Single Unit

ON-OFF Control for Multiple Cooling Fans

For example, the AC Axial Flow Fan MU Series can drive up to 9 units at once. When the air flow of a single unit is not enough, multiple units can be controlled by a single thermostat.

Connection Diagram for ON-OFF Control of Multiple Units

Usage Example: 6 MU1238 type units

Thermostat Number of Units Input (W) Noise Level (dB)
ON 6 84 51
OFF - 0 0

Operation Unit Number Switching Control

Two AM2-XA1 thermostat for fan can be used to switch operations for multiple fans. This allows the air flow to be changed between high and low temperatures, contributing to energy conservation and noise reduction.

Three MU1238 type AC axial flow fans each with high temperature (40 °C) and low temperature (25 °C) settings

Power consumption halved/Noise reduced by 3 dB

Setting Temperature Number of Units Input (W) Noise Level (dB)
High temperature 40 °C 6 84 51
Low temperature 25 °C 3 42 48

100 V 50 Hz

  • *These values are for use in the upper and lower rows.

Applicable Product

AC Input

DC Input


Thermostat for fan AM2-XA1

  • *For details on applicable cooling fans and the number of units that can be used, please refer to the product details page.
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