Fan Selection Tool

For ventilation and cooling of the inside of the control cabinet and to keep it at the proper temperature, it is necessary to know the required air flow of the fan to meet these conditions.
The required air flow can be obtained from the size and material of the control cabinet and the temperature inside and outside the control cabinet.
Use this section as a support tool for selection calculations and equipment start-up.
Enter the setting values and press the "Calculate" button to display the calculation results and further narrow down the products that meet the conditions of use to the product name.

Calculation of Required Air Flow

Use Tools to Make Selections

Control Cabinet Material
SPCC (steel)
Installation Location
Width of Control Cabinet (W)
Height of Control Cabinet (H)
Depth of Control Cabinet (D)
Control Cabinet Ambient Temperature (T1)
Internal Permissible Temperature (T2)
Total Heat Generation (Q)
Safety Factor* (Sf)

*When calculating the required air flow, the internal pressure loss must be taken into account.
Since the pressure loss inside the control cabinet is generally unknown, the air flow at the operating point is assumed to be 50 % of the maximum air flow, and a safety factor Sf = 2 is considered.


This result is reflected in the "Required Air flow" field of the "Refined Search".

Required Air Flow*

*The calculation result is the required air flow with the safety factor already taken into account.

Filter by Criteria

  • Rated Voltage [V]
  • Fan Product Lines
  • Size [mm]
  • Variable Speed/Environmental Resistance
  • Alarm and Sensor Output
  • Required Air Flow [m3/min]
  • Number*1[Units]
  • Keywords
Product Name Power Supply Voltage
Maximum Air Flow*2
Maximum Static Pressure*2
Variable Speed/
Environmental Resistance
Alarm and Sensor Output Fan Product Lines
  • *1 Parallel installation is assumed when multiple units are used. Please confirm in advance that it can be installed on your desired control cabinet mounting surface.
  • *2 The values of maximum air flow and maximum static pressure may vary depending on the power supply voltage/frequency. For actual values, please refer to the product detail page.

Other Calculation Methods

Here is how to calculate it without using the tool (by calculation, or simply by graph).

Selection Calculations For Cooling Fans


Calculation of Heat Generation

Equipment stored in the panel more Please select from the pull-down menu below Rated Capacity Input more Only in Other Cases
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1 unit
Heat Generation
more Displays calculation results
Number of Units more Please enter the number of units Load Factor Heat Generation more Displays calculation results  

Total Heat Generation (Reference):  [W]