Servo Motors

NX Series

Servo Motors NX Series
  • Easy operation
  • Possible to control position, speed, torque and tension
  • 50 to 750 W
  • Geared type is also available

Tính năng |Servo Motor NX Series

The servo motor NX Series can be driven with large inertia or run smoothly with a belt mechanism with simple operation.

Easy Operation

As with a stepper motor, stable operation can be achieved in large inertia drive and belt mechanism drive without gain adjustment. Also, manual gain adjustment enables operation under even more stringent load conditions.

Achieves Large Inertia Drive

With automatic tuning, operation at up to 50 times the rotor inertia is possible. With manual tuning, operation at up to 100 times the rotor inertia is possible.

Achieves Smooth Operation With Belt Mechanism

Operation of the belt mechanism with the same feeling as that of a stepper motor is also possible. Operation is possible without the vibration and other phenomena that occur before stops.

NX Series Smooth Operation

Easy Handling

Basic settings and adjustments are made with switches and potentiometers on the front panel. This design allows for easy control without a computer, and even saves the hassle of complicated UP and DOWN key operations.

NX Series Front Panel

Easy Setting and Easy Monitoring

By using the control module (OPX-2A, sold separately) or support software (MEXE02), you can change parameters, set functions, and perform various types of monitoring to better suit your system.

  • Operation Status Waveform Monitor*
Operating Status Waveform Monitor

List of items for the waveform monitor function (PDF)

  • *Monitoring the operation status waveform requires the support software (MEXE02).
    You can download the support software from here.

4 Control Modes

This product is capable of operation in 4 control modes. Also, the functions of each control mode can be extended using the support software (MEXE02) or the control module (OPX-2A, sold separately).
Refer to here for details.

Product Line of Geared Motors

4 sizes of geared motors with frame sizes from 60 to 104 mm are available in combination with drivers.
Refer to here for details.

Product Line

Type Rated Output Power
Frame Size
Gear Ratio Rated Torque
Maximum Instantaneous Torque
Electromagnetic Brake
Equipped Not Equipped
Standard 50 42 - 0.159 0.478 -
100 0.318 0.955
200 60 0.637 1.91
400 1.27 3.82
750 85 2.39 7.16
PS Geared 50 60 1:5, 1:10, 1:25 0.716~3.22 2.15~9.66 15 max.
100 1.43~6.44 4.29~19.3
200 90 2.87~12.9 8.6~38.7
400 5.72~25.7 17.1~77.2
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