Brushless Motors

BLE2 Series

Brushless Motors BLE2 Series
  • Multifunctional Model with 4 Selectable Data Setting Methods
  • Equipped with Features such as Torque Limiting, 16-Speed Operation and Alarm Output
  • For the Type with an Electromagnetic Brake, It Can Hold the Load During Vertical Operation
  • Output Power 30 to 400 W
  • Speed Control Range 80 to 4000 r/min

Tính năng |Brushless motor BLE2 Series

Overview and Features


The new motor structure is smaller than previous models and enables high power and high efficiency.
The driver equipped with the digital indication panel can easily set the speed.

BLE2 Overview

Advantages of Brushless Motors

The brushless motor achieves high efficiency by employing permanent magnets in the rotor section.
The energy saving motors reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions.
Furthermore, the small size and light weight of the motor helps conserve resources and contributes to carbon neutrality initiatives.

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Striving for User-Friendliness in Setting, Installation, and Wiring

  • Easy Setting With the Control Panel

    The operation data and parameters can be set by using the operation keys or the setting dial while checking the digital indication.

    Control Panel
    The operation panel cannot be removed from the driver

    Speed Setting Range

    80~4000 r/min
    (Varies with some gearheads)

    Speed Regulation

    ±0.2 %
    (at digital setting)

  • Quick and Reliable Wiring/Connecting

    Quick and reliable wiring is possible thanks to the spring type connectors.

    Quick and Reliable Wiring/Connecting

Effective Utilization of Installation Space

Multiple drivers can now be installed in contact with each other, making it possible to reduce the amount of installation space or increase the number of axes within the same equipment space.

Effective Utilization of Installation Space

Locking Lever Type Connector for Direct Connection

A locking lever type connector specifically designed for small motors allows direct connection between motor and driver.

  • Simple Connection

    Cable connection is easy due to the locking lever that does not require screw fitting.

    Installation Method

    Installation Method

    Insert the connector

    Turn down the locking lever

    Connection Completed

  • Direct Connection With Motors and Drivers*

    Without an extension cable, a connection of up to 20 m is possible.

    Direct Connection With Motors and Drivers

    Flexible cables are also available

    Use the flexible connection cable in applications where the cable is bent and flexed repeatedly.

Cable Outlet Direction Can be Selected

  • Cable outlet in output shaft direction
    Cable outlet in output shaft direction
  • Cable outlet opposite to output shaft direction
    Cable outlet opposite to output shaft direction
  • Cable outlet in vertical direction<
    Cable outlet in vertical direction

Supporting Customers With Enhanced Functions

The motors are equipped with 4 data setting methods and various functions that correspond with your purpose of use.
Using support software allows equipment start-up and operation status to be checked.

Operating Method

Operating Method
*When using the MEXE02 support software, the driver can be connected to the PC using a commercially available USB cable.

Setting Details

Setting Application and Purpose Setting Value Setting Method
Control Panel External Speed Potentiometer
External DC Voltage Support Software
Rotation Speed Operation at the desired speed is available. 80~4000 r/min

Torque Limiting

In addition to suppressing the max. output torque of a motor for safety purposes, the max. output torque can be limited according to the load.
0~300 %
Acceleration/Deceleration Time Acceleration time and deceleration time can be set to prevent excessive shock when starting and stopping.
0.0~15.0 seconds
Multi-Speed Operation Operation at 2 speeds or more is available. Up to 16 speeds
Multi-Motor Control Multiple motors can be operated at the same speed.
Less than 20 units
(when a variable resistor is used)

What is "Torque Limiting"?

Torque Limiting That Can be Used as a Limit Function

This function can reduce the generated torque by limiting the current flowing to the motor.
Can be utilized for applications that prevent the application of more force than necessary.

torque limiting

torque limiting

Main Functions of the Operation Panel and the MEXE02 Support Software

Application and Purpose Function Description
Check the motor generated Torque Load factor indication Displays the load factor with the rated torque of the motor as 100 %.
(Indication Range: 0~300 %)
Displays the conveyor transfer speed and the speed reduced by the gearhead
Gear ratio When the gear ratio is set, the converted rotation speed can be displayed.
Operate the motor within the specified speed control range
Setting upper and lower rotation speed limits Specify the upper and lower speed limit.
Changing the speed during motor operation Speed teaching Rotation speed in monitor mode during motor operation can be changed.
Simply hold the motor when stopped
Load holding function

Electrical holding torque can be generated when the motor is stopped.
(Holding force up to 50 % of rated torque)

When the power supply to the driver is OFF, holding force will be lost so it cannot be used to prevent falling when stopped.
Alleviate shock during starting and stopping Impact softening filter This function offers slow acceleration and stopping, so that the load being transported during starting and stopping does not move.
Check problem details Alarm This function enables you to identify and quickly respond to problems, including an overload, a disconnection or an operation error.
Use for operation verification and regular maintenance.
Information Outputs before an alarm is generated.
Inputting appropriate values for the parameters of each type of information will also help with equipment maintenance.
Protect specified data Editing lock Prohibit the editing/deletion of data and parameters with the driver's control panel and local control operations.

Load Holding Function That Generates Holding Force When External Force is Applied

It can be used as an electrical holding brake* when stopping without a mechanical brake.

  • *Holding loads of up to 50 % rated torque is possible.

Advantages of No Mechanical Brakes

  • Long life with no maintenance required due to non-wear parts
  • Minimizing space usage and weight of the equipment


If the power supply to the driver is turned OFF, the holding force dissipates.
This cannot be used to prevent a fall during a power outage.

Load holding function


Applications with frequent and repetitive shutdowns

Load holding function

Information Functions Useful for Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

The information function allows the user to set any numerical value for a monitor item, thereby noticing abnormalities before they are stopped by an alarm and avoiding equipment shutdown.

LED Notification of Information Generation

When information is generated, the ALARM-LED blinks orange to provide visual notification.

ALARM-LED is blinking orange

Useful Functions Utilizing Support Software MEXE02

By using the support software MEXE02, you can set and edit operation data and various parameters, as well as teach and monitor various conditions.

Click here to download the support software

Comprehensive Support From Start-Up to Maintenance With a Variety of Functions

  • Startup and Evaluation

    Useful functions for wiring check and test operation are provided.

    • Setting and Saving of Operation Data
    • I/O Monitor
    • Teaching, Remote Operation
  • Adjustment

    The following functions are available to help you adjust motor operation after the equipment is installed.

    • Waveform Monitor
  • Diagnosis and Maintenance

    Diagnostic and maintenance functions are available for trouble diagnosis and maintenance after operation is started.

    • Alarm Monitor
    • Status Monitor
    • Information Monitor
  • Operation Data/Parameter Setting Screen
    Operation Data/Parameter Setting Screen
  • Waveform monitor
    Waveform Monitor

Click here for details on support software functions

IP67 Watertight, Dust-Resistant Motor That Can be Washed in Water

Excellent Protective Structure, Degree of Protection

  • Motor Structure

    A sealing insert (O-ring) is used for the mating part to prevent water from entering the inside of the motor.

    Motor Structure
  • Connector Structure

    The connector structure has a built-in gasket and O-ring for improved waterproofing.
    It is IP67-compliant, including the connector part.

    Connector Structure

Water-Washable IP67 Rating

  • Can be washed with water while still attached to the equipment

    Usable in dusty applications

  • IP67

    Waterproof Test Conditions: Immersion to a depth of 1 m for 30 minutes

Oriental Motor's Original "Water-Washing Resistant Test"*

① Thermal Shock Test
Apply heat deterioration equivalent to 5 years for sealing insert (O-ring).
② Vibration Test
Apply vibration to the motor
③ Water Discharge Test
Apply water pressure of 100 kPa.
  • *Click here for more details on test conditions.

Improved Anti-Corrosion Properties

Special rust-resistant coating is applied, and stainless steel material is used for the output shaft and screws. The mounting surface is also painted to prevent rusting, even when assembled to stainless steel equipment.

Improved anti-corrosion properties

Matches a Clean Environment

No cooling fan needed, because of the high efficiency motor. Therefore, there is no need to worry about generating dust from outside.

Matches a Clean Environment

New Connection Cable With IP66/IP67 Rating

Watertight, dust-resistant connection cable for relay connection of motors and drivers are now available.
The connector of the relay section is IP66/IP67-compliant

For more details about the products, please contact your nearest branch or sales office or Customer Support Center.

Click here for the catalog of watertight, dust-resistant connection cable

A Wide Variety of Gearheads to Choose From

In addition to the conventional parallel shaft gearhead GFV gearheads, a lineup of gearheads with features such as high gear ratio, high strength, and space saving is available. The permissible load and maximum permissible torque of the output shaft have been greatly increased.

Gearhead Types and Features

Gearhead Type Parallel Shaft Gearhead Right-Angle Gearhead Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead
GFV Gearhead JV Gearhead JB Gearhead JH Gearhead FR Gearhead
External View
GFV Gearhead
JV Gearhead
JB Gearhead
JH Gearhead
FR Gearhead
  • Iron shaft, stainless steel shaft
  • Tapped hole at the end of the output shaft
  • H1 food-grade lubricant is also available
  • High gear ratio
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • high rigidity
  • High Gear Ratio
  • Integrated foot mount
  • Space saving, cost saving
  • high strength
  • Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Space Saving, Cost Saving
  • High permissible torque
Output Power 30 W, 60 W, 120 W
200 W, 300 W, 400 W
200 W, 300 W, 400 W 200 W, 300 W, 400 W 60 W, 120 W, 200 W
300 W, 400 W
30 W, 60 W, 120 W
200 W, 300 W, 400 W
Gear Ratio 5~200 100~450 5~1200 5~200 5~200
Rated Life 10000 hours 5000 hours 5000 hours 5000 hours 10000 hours
Permissible Radial Load* 1400 N 3123 N 3672 N 2405 N 2040 N
Permissible Axial Load* 400 N 480 N 577 N 550 N 800 N
Permissible Torque* 70 N·m 198 N·m 518 N·m 82.8 N·m 54 N·m
  • *This value is for output power of 200 W, 3000 r/min, and the maximum gear ratio.

Click here for more information on gearhead features.

Significantly Increased Permissible Load Flange Drive Adapter (Sold separately)

Mounting on a parallel shaft gearhead increases permissible radial and axial loads.

For more information, please click here.

Flange Drive Adapter

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