Encoders Rotary Encoder

Rotary encoders are small, thin, and lightweight high-resolution incremental encoders.

  • Incremental type, 30 mm diameter
  • High resolution (1000 P/R, 2000 P/R)
  • Line driver output/voltage output

rotary encoderrotary encoder

Rotary Encoders

Output Shaft Type Product Name Resolution (P/R) Output Circuit Type
Rotary Encoders
Round Shaft Type RE2AR3JL 1000 Line Driver
RE2AR3J Voltage
RE2AR3ML 2000 Line Driver
RE2AR3M Voltage
Rotary Encoders
Hollow Shaft Type RE2HR3JL 1000 Line Driver
RE2HR3J Voltage
RE2HR3ML 2000 Line Driver
RE2HR3M Voltage

Compact, Thin, Lightweight High-Resolution Incremental Encoder

Outer diameter ϕ30mm, depth 22mm, mass 33g (round shaft type) / 38g (hollow shaft type), small, thin, and lightweight, allowing installation in tight spaces.

It is also a high-resolution (1000 P/R or 2000 P/R) incremental type.

The Actual Position, Speed, and Rotation Direction of the Mechanism Can Be Detected

By attaching a rotary encoder to the mechanism, a predictive maintenance system for the mechanism can be established.

  • Application Example
    In belt and pulley mechanisms, it is possible to detect the difference in rotation between the motor and mechanism due to belt deflection or breakage
Rotary Encoder

Can Be Installed in Accordance With the Mechanism

  • Round Shaft Type
    Rotary Encoder
  • Round Shaft Type + Mounting Bracket (Sold separately)
    Rotary Encoder
  • Hollow Shaft Type
    Rotary Encoder

Easy Alignment of Mechanical Home and Z-phase Signal

The Z-phase signal is output at the position where the shaft milling cut section (round shaft type) or the fixing screw section (hollow shaft type) is rotated 180˚ from the encoder connector. Use this as a guide when adjusting the positional relationship between the mechanical home and the Z-phase signal.

Rotary Encoder

Encoder Connection Cables

Encoder Connection Cables

Product Name Applicable Model Length (m)
Connection cables for connecting encoder
LCE05A-006 For voltage output 0.6
Connection cables for connecting encoder
LCE08A-006 For Line Driver Output 0.6

Flexible, shielded connection cable for encoder.

Product Name Applicable Product Length (m)
Encoder Connection Cable
CC010E1R Motor with Encoder 1
CC020E1R 2
CC030E1R 3

Mounting bracket (for round shaft type only)

Mounting bracket to be assembled to round shaft type.

Product Name
Mounting Brackets Rotary Encoder with Mounting Bracket
Example of assembly
  • Application Example

A round shaft type rotary encoder can be mounted from the rear using the mounting bracket.

Rotary Encoder with Mounting Bracket