AC Speed Control Motors

US Series

AC Speed Control Motors US Series
  • Rotation Speed can be Easily Set with Volume Control
  • Easy Connection between Motor and Control Unit
  • Output Power 6 to 90 W
  • Speed Control Range 90 to 1400 (1600) r/min

Tính năng |AC Speed Control Motor US Series

Easy Wiring

The motor and speed controller are connected by a one-touch connector, making operation possible simply by connecting the speed controller to the power supply.

Easy Operation

Rotation speed can be set easily using the potentiometer on the front of the speed controller.

Conforms to International Safety Standards

Single-Phase 110/115 VAC and single-phase 220/230 VAC types are UL/CSA Standards certified, CCC certified, and have CE Marking (Low Voltage Directive and EMC Directive).

Installs a Protective Earth Terminal on the Motor

(Single-Phase 110/115 VAC, single-phase 220/230 VAC type, 6 W~40 W)

Variable Speed Range

50 Hz: 90-1400 r/min
60 Hz: 90-1600 r/min (or 1700 r/min)

Product Line

Series Voltage (VAC) Top Row: Mounting Angle (mm)/Bottom Row: Output Power (W)
60 70 80 90
6 15 25 40 60
US Single-Phase 100
Single-Phase 110/115
Single-Phase 200
Single-Phase 220/230
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