Fan Speed Controller


Fan Speed Controller FSC-24
  • Speed Controller for MD Series V Type
  • Easy Air Flow Adjustment with a Dial
  • Contributes to Energy Savings and Reduced Noise
  • 40 mm (W), 60 mm (D), 70 mm (H)

Tính năng |FSC-24 Fan Speed Controller

Easy Air Flow Control

The air flow can be easily adjusted by simply turning the setting dial.
Also, the air flow of the fan can be checked on the controller's display.

Simple System Configuration
Easy Handling

Realizes Noise Reduction and Reduces On-Site Stress

Realize noise reduction by setting the fan to low speed.
Allows you to reduce equipment noise even after equipment is installed.

  • For MDV925

    Noise Level Comparison with MDV925
  • Approximate Noise Level

    Noise Level of Surrounding Environment

Energy Savings Reduces Running Costs

Achieves a reduction in wasted power by driving the fan at the required air flow when needed.
Realizes energy savings and contributes to reduced running costs.

  • MD Series V Type (Speed control) Power Consumption Comparison (When MDV925 is operated for 24 hours/day for 365 days)

    Power Consumption Comparison 1 With MDV9251
  • Power Consumption Reference by Setting Speed of MDV925

    Power Consumption Comparison 2 With MDV925

Range of Use Expanded by 2 Speed Control

By using an external input signal, can be set to any speed with the setting dial, and 2-speed switching with full speed is possible.
Also, when combined with a thermostat (sold separately), 2-speed switching can be automated (switching is triggered by ambient temperature).
Using this function, it is possible to optimize the air flow according to the load and operation conditions (for further noise reduction and energy savings).

2-Speed Switching

Introduction to Examples of Utilization

Adjust the air flow according to the type of load (Size/Density)

When a fan that adjusts the air flow according to the type of load (size/density) is used to cool the load, it can be connected to an external input such as a sensor to switch the speed, such as full speed (strong wind) for large loads, or low speed (weak wind) for small loads.

Adjust the air flow according to the type of load (Size/Density)

Adjust the air flow according to the ambient temperature

When the fan is used for temperature control in a control cabinet, it can be connected to a temperature sensor such as a thermostat instead of a 2-speed switch, and the speed can be switched between full speed when the heat generated in the cabinet is high and low speed when the temperature is normal.

Click here for details on thermostat (sold separately)

Adjust the air flow according to the ambient temperature

Early Detection of Abnormalities, Full Range of Alarm Functions

Outputs an alarm signal when there is an abnormality in the fan or controller. This contributes to the reliability of the equipment.
In addition, alarm contents being generated can be identified on the display of the controller. (External output by alarm signal output is also possible.)

Full range of alarm functions

Can Control the Air Flow of Multiple Fans Simultaneously

This is a single speed controller that can control multiple fans at the same air flow.
(Up to 8 multi-fan operation units can be connected, depending on the connection.)

Multi-Motor Control

Compact Shape and Choice of Easy Mounting Methods

This is a lightweight (65 g) compact speed controller.
Three mounting methods can be selected according to installation conditions: "panel mounting," "DIN rail mounting," and "screw mounting."

Compact shape
  • Panel Mounting

    Panel Mounting
  • DIN Rail Mounting

    DIN Rail Mounting
  • Screw Mounting

    Screw Mounting

Product Line

Combined Cooling Fans Series Frame Size
40 mm 52 mm 60 mm 80 mm 92 mm 120 mm
Axial Flow Fan MD Series V type (speed control)
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