Linear Heads

LH Linear Heads

Linear Heads LH Linear Heads
  • By Combining with a Motor, Linear Movements Such as Pushing, Pulling, Raising, and Lowering are Possible
  • Maximum Transportable Mass 70 kg
  • Stroke 100 to 700 mm
  • Motor Combination : Reversible Motors/Electromagnetic Brake Motors

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Features of the Linear Head

The motor can integrate with a rack-and-pinion mechanism to provide linear motion for pushing, pulling, raising, and lowering.

LH Linear Heads
Maximum Transportable Mass ~70 kg
Stroke 100~700 mm
Operating Speed
  • 10 mm/s
  • 20 mm/s
  • 45 mm/s
Combination Motor
  • Reversible Motors
  • Electromagnetic Brake Motors
Linear Head Shape
(Rack moving direction)
2 types available
2 types available
Motor Assembly Method
Assemble motor
Assemble motor

Contributes to Improved Design Efficiency

  • Reduces Startup Time From Design

    Compared to building the rack-and-pinion mechanism on your own, the number of parts used and the labor required for design and assembly can be reduced.

    Comparison of the Number of Components
  • Fix the Rack to Make the Best Use of Space

    The motor can run by itself by fixing both ends of the rack.
    Effective when it is difficult to find motor space.

    Effective use of rack fixing space


The rack-and-pinion mechanism is easy-to-use and can be incorporated as a component.

Rack-and-pinion application examples

Product Line

Please purchase the linear head and motor separately.

LH Linear Heads
Types of LJ Linear Head
(Combined motor output power - W)
W × H × D
Maximum Transportable Mass kg*1
(Basic speed mm/s*1)
LH Linear Heads 0L
62 × 47 × 115.5 3.8
100, 200
88 × 66.3 × 154.5
(88 × 66.3 × 194.5)*2
100, 200, 300, 400, 500
120 × 82 × 181
(120 × 82 × 226)*2
100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700
For a power supply with 60 Hz frequency
For electromagnetic brake motors

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