Field Service

What is Field Service?

‘I followed the wiring instructions in the operating manual but the motor does not rotate.’ ‘When I changed the settings, it did not move as I wanted it to.’ In the event of such problems which are difficult to be solved over the phone, our service personnel will pay you a visit on-site. (free-of-charge)

Oriental Motor will bring measuring equipment and jigs to the site for quick investigation.

What will Field Service do?

We will check the condition of the product to confirm if it has defects or error in wirings and settings. Using instruments or specialized tools such as oscilloscopes or testers, we can identify problem fast and accurately. In addition, we also advise you on how to prevent the problems from recurring.

Where is the service personnel located?

We are stationed in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand sales offices.

How to Use the Service

Please feel free to contact the Customer Support center or your nearest sales offices. Upon confirmation of the situation, and in the event that the problem cannot be solved over the phone, we will provide field service.