EC Fans

EMR Series

EC Fans EMR Series
  • Equipped with a Brushless Motor, Low Power Consumption, Large Air Flow and High Static Pressure
  • Can Reduce Power Consumption and Noise by Adjusting to the Required Air Flow
  • Speed Control is Possible
  • Estimated Life of 40,000 Hours
  • AC Input, Frame Size 180 mm

Tính năng |EC Fan EMR Series

Reduces Power Consumption by Up to 42 %*

By using brushless motors, power consumption is greatly reduced compared to conventional models, while having the same characteristics.
In addition, the same characteristics can be achieved regardless of what frequency is used.

  • *Comparison between conventional products at 60 Hz and EMR Series at rated speed
Comparison of Specifications and Characteristics Between the Conventional Products and the EMR Series

Energy Savings and Noise Reduction Achieved With Air Flow Adjustment

The speed control enables not only utilization of a wide range of air flow volume, but also allows adjustment of the air flow as necessary to reduce power consumption and noise.

Selectable Operation Methods

Constant Speed Operation, Two-Speed Operation, Speed Control Operation

Air Flow - Static Pressure Characteristics (Reference values)*

Air Flow - Static Pressure Characteristics (Reference values)
  • *Characteristic when finger guards are attached to both sides.

Mass Reduced by About 40 %

The compact and powerful brushless motor has considerably less mass than conventional products.

Conventional Product: 2.2 kg, EMR Series: 1.3 kg

Easy Installation, Easy Wiring

Installation is Easy With the Pre-Attached Finger Guards

Installation is Easy With the Pre-Attached Finger Guards

Easy Wiring

Soldering and crimping tools are not required for connecting the main power supply to the I/O signal connector. The wiring can be performed by just inserting the lead wires.

Easy Wiring

Alarm Function Equipped, Fan Status Indicated by LED

An alarm is output when the rotation slows down or another abnormality occurs with the fan.
The LED lights up in green under normal conditions and blinks in red under abnormal conditions.
The status of the fan can be checked by the LED.

Alarm Types

  • Low speed
  • Overcurrent
  • Sensor abnormality
  • Overvoltage
  • Undervoltage

Choose Cables and Accessories

Power supply cables and external speed potentiometers are available for use with EMR Series cooling fans.

Choose Accessories

Product Line

Type Size Voltage
Maximum Air Flow
Maximum Static Pressure
Fans □180 mm - 65 mm thick Single-Phase 100-120 9.0 154
Single-Phase 200-240
Three-Phase 200-240
  • 2 finger guards attached.
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