Search for Discontinued and Alternative Products

By using the product name search, you can look up production information (discontinued products, planned discontinued products, and current products) for each product name.
Information is provided for products for which recommended alternatives are available.

Here you can find information about the products listed in the general catalog since the 2000 edition.
In addition, we periodically change the production information of products of Oriental Motor due to product renewals, model consolidation and reductions, for the purpose of improving product performance and environmental measures, or due to a decrease in production volume or discontinuation of electronic components.
Please consider using recommended alternatives for discontinued or planned discontinued products.

Confirmation Method

Please enter the product name in the search window below to perform a search.
For product production information, please refer to the "Production Information/Alternative Product Information" column in the search results.

If the "Production Information/Alternative Product Information" column is linked as shown in the red frame below, recommended alternatives are provided.
Please click the link to check the applicable products.
For product names that do not appear in the search, please contact us.

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