Mission and Vision

We have developed and delivered the best products around the world to enable “motion” in industry, medicine, food, transportation, and other fields to meet the needs of a changing time.
For decades, we at Oriental Motor have been committed to a business style that involves responding to the needs of engineers around the world as they develop and improve new products and equipment. Our promise to you is that your first Oriental Motor product will be your first step toward creation.


To build a society where people can live a secure and sustainable lifestyle pleasantly through the things we have built together with our customers - both tangible things such as products and intangible things such as systems, technologies and user experiences.


To provide support through our motion control systems - via hardware, software and human aspect - for engineers (i.e. our customers) who strive taking the first step to make our tomorrow better.
Providing our motion control systems to such engineers enables us to deliver experiences and excitements that not only meet but also surpass their expectations, while allowing us to create value that provides the "Wow!" factor around the world.

We at Oriental Motor share our behavioral guidelines (VALUES) throughout the company and strive to realize our mission and vision.