Torque Motors

K Series/World K Series

Torque Motors K Series/World K Series
  • Ideal for Use as a Motor for Winding, Tension Adjustment, and Push-Motion
  • Motor Torque can be Adjusted by Voltage Adjustment
  • Output Power 3 to 40 W

Tính năng |Torque Motor K Series/World K Series

The Sloping Characteristics Allow the Speed to be Varied Over a Wide Range

Since the torque of a motor is proportional to the square of the voltage, the rotation speed can be changed by changing the supply voltage.

The Sloping Characteristics Allow the Speed to be Varied Over a Wide Range

Suitable for Winding Work

In an application where an object is released continuously at a constant speed and wound up with constant tension, the torque must be doubled and the speed halved if the winding spool diameter is doubled.

Can be Used for Locked Rotor Operation

Unlike induction motors or reversible motors, torque motors are designed to provide a stable torque even under locked rotor conditions or at very low speed (semi-locked rotor condition).
They are suitable for pushing applications that require static torque, or for loads normally subject to locked rotor operation that are under locked rotor condition at the end of processes. When the 100 V input type is used on continuous duty, the voltage is 50 V. When used at 50 V min., it is short time rating, and at 100 V, it is 5 minutes rating.


When using a motor in a locked rotor operation, the output torque becomes very large. The output torque of the gearhead must be lower than the maximum permissible torque. Also, ensure that the load never hits an object and stops. The gearhead may be damaged by an impact if hit to stop.

Use as a Brake

It can also be used as a brake by using it within the braking area of speed - torque characteristics. Also, DC excitation allows constant tension control.

Product Line

Type Upper Row: Mounting Angle (mm)/Lower Row: Output Power (W)
60 70 80 90
3 6 10 20 40
Lead Wire Type
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