DC Centrifugal Blower

MBD Series

DC Centrifugal Blower MBD Series
  • Strong Directional Airflow with High Static Pressure
  • Low-Speed Alarm and Pulse Sensor Type are also Available
  • DC Input, Impeller Diameter φ80 to φ120 mm

Tính năng |DC Centrifugal Blower MBD Series

Ventilation and Cooling With High Static Pressure

Used for spot cooling because it sends out air in a concentrated direction.
The high static pressure also makes it suitable for cooling equipment through which air cannot flow easily, and for air flow and exhaust using ducts.
It can also be used for applications that require suction/adsorption of load.

  • Spot Cooling of Load

    Centrifugal blowers with high static pressures are suitable for the spray cooling of load following heat treatment.

    Spot Cooling of Load
  • Exhaust With Ducts

    These fans have a high static pressure and are suitable for applications that use ducts to suck dust in the air.

    Air flow and cooling of narrow widths and thin spaces

An alarm signal is output when the rotation speed of the fan deteriorates due to ingress of foreign particles, etc. This helps with predictive maintenance of equipment issues, as fans can be ordered and replaced before equipment is damaged by heat. It also allows replacement of only those fans with deteriorating cooling capacity when there are multiple fans installed. It can limit the impact on the equipment to minimum.

Low-speed alarm for early detection of deterioration of air flow capacity

Pulse Sensor Equipped

A signal of 2 pulses per revolution is output while the fan is being driven.
By checking for changes in pulse signals, the status of the fan can be constantly monitored. Also ideal for equipment that needs to run 24 hours a day.

Pulse Sensor Equipped
  • *Pulse sensor type is scheduled to be discontinued.

Product Line

Fan Only

Series Power Supply Voltage
Impeller Diameter [mm]
φ80 φ100 φ120
MBD Series 24 VDC
48 VDC

Fan Kit

Fan kit products that include all the necessary accessories are available.

Series Fan Kit Product Line Power Supply Voltage
Impeller Diameter [mm]
φ80 φ100 φ120
MBD Series With mounting bracket and finger guard

With mounting bracket and filter
24 VDC
48 VDC
  • *Products with power supply voltage 48 VDC and the pulse sensor type are scheduled to be discontinued.
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