Brushless Motors

BXII Series

Brushless Motors BXII Series
  • Multifunctional Model Capable of Position Control
  • Speed Regulation ±0.05 %
  • For the Type with an Electromagnetic Brake, It Can Hold the Load During Vertical Operation
  • Output Power 30 to 400 W
  • Speed Control Range (2) 30 to 4000 r/min

Tính năng |Brushless Motor BXII Series

Speed Control

Wide Speed Control Range 2~4000 r/min

Achieved speed ratio of 1:2000.
  Suitable for applications that require constant torque from low to high speeds.
(30~4000 r/min at analog setting.)
120 W Motor Speed - Torque Characteristics Diagram
[120W Motor Speed - Torque Characteristics Diagram]

Stable Motor Drive

Speed Regulation ±0.05 %

Reduces speed variation due to changes in the load (load fluctuation) and the change of ambient environment (changing ambient temperature, voltage fluctuation).

Flutter Characteristics Effective Value: Approx. 0.1 %

The effective value of the flutter characteristics, which represents speed fluctuations of motor rotation, is about 0.1 %. (Reference value at rated speed)
Even when rotating at a certain speed, there will be slight fluctuation in the actual speed around the target rotation speed. The speed fluctuations are known as flutter.

Supports Multi-Speed Operation with Up to 16 Speeds

Up to 16 points of operation data, such as operating speed and acceleration/deceleration time, can be set.

16-Speed Multi-Speed Operation

Position Control

Operation and Switch Up to 16 Data Points With Just I/O

You can set up to 16 points of operation data such as travel amount and operating speed.

Operation and switching of data with I/O

Linking Multiple Operation Data

In addition to single data setting, you can also set linked operation, which combines multiple operation data.

Linked Operation
  • *Dwell time is the wait time until the next positioning operation starts.

Continuous Rotation in the Same Direction is Possible

The command position and multiple rotation data can be returned to 0 if the command position exceeds the "wrap setting range" parameter value. Since the multiple rotation data is returned to 0, continuous rotation in the same direction is possible.

Wrap Setting

Vertical Operation and Position Holding

All models can be selected with or without an electromagnetic brake. The electromagnetic brake is automatically controlled to turn ON/OFF according to the operation command signal to the driver.

Capable of Vertical Operation (Gravitational operation)

With an electromagnetic brake, stable speed control is possible even when driving vertical operation.

Gravitational Operation Capability
[Gravitational operation capability]

During vertical operation, regenerative energy is generated. Use a regeneration resistor (Sold separately).


Capable of Position Holding When Stopped

Position holding when driving in a vertical direction* or horizontal direction is possible.
When driving horizontally, it is possible to set servo lock at motor standstill, which excites the motor to generate a holding force.

  • *For vertical operation (gravitational operation), use a product with an electromagnetic brake.

Prevents Loads From Falling in an Emergency

The electromagnetic brake is of the power off activated type, so it works automatically even when power is lost in a blackout. Instantly stops the motor and prevents the load from falling.

Electromagnetic brake structure and service life|Technical reference

Torque Limiting Function

It can be used for applications that require adjustment of torque and tension, such as tension (brake), pushing (pressing), and tightening.

  • Tension - As a Brake to Gain Tension

    Tension (Brake)
  • Pushing - For Printing and Other Press Applications

    Pushing (Pressing)

The setting range of the maximum instantaneous torque of the motor can be limited from 0 to 250 % in 1 % units.

  • Torque limiting accuracy ±10 % approx. (relative to rated torque)
  • Torque limiting can be switched ON/OFF with an external signal (TL input)
Torque Limiting Function

Support Software, Monitoring Function

Easy Setting and Start-Up With MEXE02 Support Software

By using the support software MEXE02, you can set and edit operation data and various parameters, as well as teach and monitor various conditions.

Click here to download the support software

Comprehensive Support From Start-Up to Maintenance With a Variety of Functions

  • Startup and Evaluation

    Useful functions for wiring check and test operation are provided.

    • Setting and Saving of Operation Data
    • I/O Monitor
    • Teaching, Remote Operation
  • Adjustment

    The following functions are available to help you adjust motor operation after the equipment is installed.

    • Waveform Monitor
  • Diagnosis and Maintenance

    Diagnostic and maintenance functions are available for trouble diagnosis and maintenance after operation is started.

    • Alarm Monitor
    • Status Monitor
    • Warning Monitor
  • Operation Data/Parameter Setting Screen
    Operation Data/Parameter Setting Screen
  • Waveform monitor
    Waveform Monitor

Click here for details on support software functions

On-Site Monitoring and Troubleshooting are Also Possible

Speed and alarm information can be monitored on the driver's display screen. Data setting and test operation are also possible at the operation panel.

  • Alarm Code Indication
    [Alarm code indication]
  • Load factor indication
    [Load factor indication]

If the OPX-2A control module is connected, operation becomes even easier.


Reduction of Installation Space

Compact Driver for Close Installation to Reduce Installation Space.

Optimized arrangement of internal parts has made the drivers compact and slim. It also supports close installation of multiple units, further reducing installation space.

Close Installation

Gearhead Type

Gearhead Type

Gearhead Types Parallel Shaft Gearhead Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead
GFS Gearhead FR Gearhead
External View GFS Gearhead FR Gearhead
  • Steel Shaft
  • Wide Range of Gear Ratio
  • Space Saving, Cost Saving
  • High Permissible Torque
Output Power 30 W, 60 W, 120 W
200 W, 400 W
30 W, 60 W, 120 W
200 W, 400 W
Gear Ratio 5~200 5~200
Rated Life 10000 hours 10000 hours
Permissible Radial Load* 1400 N 2040 N
Permissible Axial Load* 400 N 800 N
Permissible Torque* 70 N·m 54 N·m
  • *This value is for output power of 200 W, 3000 r/min, and the maximum gear ratio.

Refer to here for information about gearhead features.

Significantly Increases Permissible Load Flange Drive Adapter (Sold separately)

Mounting on a parallel shaft gearhead increases permissible radial and axial loads.

Refer to here for more information.

Flange Drive Adapter

Product Line

The motor, driver, and connection cable can be purchased individually.

Select a Combination


The motor cable and the encoder cable from the motor cannot be connected directly to the driver.
Be sure to purchase a connection cable or flexible connection cable.

Output Shaft Type*1 Frame Size
Rated Output Power
Gear Ratio Rated Voltage
Connection Cable*2
GFS Gearhead

Parallel Shaft Gearhead GFS Gearhead

60 30 5~200 Single-Phase 100-120
Single-Phase, Three-Phase 200-240

Connection Cable
0.3 m~30.3 m

Flexible Connection Cable
1.3 m~30.3 m

Cable for Motor
For Motor
Cable for Encoder
For Encoder
80 60
90 120
110 200
400 Single-Phase, Three-Phase 200-240
FR Gearhead

Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead FR Gearhead

60 30 5~200 Single-Phase 100-120
Single-Phase, Three-Phase 200-240
80 60
90 120
104 200 10~100
400 5~100 Single-Phase, Three-Phase 200-240
Round Shaft Type

Round Shaft Type

60 30 - Single-Phase 100-120
Single-Phase, Three-Phase 200-240
80 60
90 120
104 200
400 Single-Phase, Three-Phase 200-240
Models with an electromagnetic brake are available for all types.
A set of cables for motor and encoder.

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