Research and Development

Aiming to contribute to a wide range of industrial fields, we research and develop products that meet a variety of "motion" needs. Listening to our customers, we are committed to the research and development of attractive products with functions and performance that meet the needs of the times.

Research and Development System

Research and Development System

Oriental Motor researches and develops various products related to "motion" such as motors, gearheads, electric actuators, fans, and drivers. The Development Division conducts basic technology research and product development in conjunction with the Production Technology Division and the Business Division.
The Tsukuba Plant houses our Product Development Division, which works closely with the Sales Division to develop products that anticipate customer needs. In addition, the Reliability Technology Center and the Product Safety Laboratory, which conduct design verification and product evaluation, have been established to ensure speedy commercialization and provide product safety and security. Moreover, the Technology Management Division supports the Development Division by promoting regulations and standards of various countries, reducing environmental impacts, and promoting intellectual property.

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    Development Area
  • Motor Design
    Motor Design
  • Product Development
    Product Development
  • Motor Measurements
    Motor Measurement
  • Circuit Evaluation
    Circuit Evaluation
  • Drawing Preparation
    Creating Drawings

Basic Technology Research

We conduct research into the basic technologies needed to keep providing increasingly advanced and valuable products. We also conduct joint research with domestic and international research institutes, companies, and educational institutions.

Examples of Basic Technology Research

Electromagnetic field analysis of the HB-type stepper motor

The stator and rotor of the hybrid (HB) stepper motor comprise a complex three-dimensional magnetic circuit, complicating the flow of magnetic flux. Moreover, there are many factors that make electromagnetic field analysis difficult, such as narrow gaps, minute steps, strong local magnetic saturation, and machining distortion, which make it difficult to perform accurate analysis using conventional methods. Our proprietary research has enabled us to perform more accurate electromagnetic field analysis by adding accurate magnetic property data of materials and the effects of magnetic property deterioration to analysis conditions. The results are being used to develop new products and improve existing products.

Electromagnetic field analysis of an HB type stepper motor
Magnetic flux lines of an HB type stepper motor (FEM analysis)