Brushless Motors

BLH Series

Brushless Motors BLH Series
  • 24 VDC Input Compact Driver
  • Ideal for incorporating in equipment
  • RS-485 Communication Compatible
  • Output Power 15 to 100 W
  • Speed Control Range (80) 100 to 3000 r/min

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BLH Series Overview

Brushless Motor Offering a Wider Selection

Output Power

15 W/30 W/50 W/100 W

Motor Type

  • Connector type/Lead wire type (IP40)
  • Cable type (IP65)
  • Electromagnetic brake motor (IP65)

Output Shaft Type

Parallel Shaft Gearhead GFS Gearhead
Parallel Shaft Gearhead
GFS Gearhead
CS geared motor
CS geared motor
Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead FR Gearhead
Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead
FR Gearhead
Round Shaft Type
Round Shaft Type

3 Selectable Driver Types

  • Analog setting type

    Analog setting type

    • Speed setting with potentiometer
    • I/O control of stop operation
  • Digital setting type

    Digital setting type

    • Speed setting using support software
    • I/O control of stop operation
  • RS-485 communication type

    RS-485 Communication Type

    • Speed setting with Modbus protocol
    • Monitoring from the host controller possible

Compact, lightweight, board type

  • 15 W, 30 W, 50 W
    [15 W, 30 W, 50 W Driver] (46 g)
  • 100 W
    [100 W Driver] (300 g)

Function and Setting Method for Compact Driver

Driver Product Line Analog setting type Digital setting type RS-485 Communication Type
External View Analog setting type Digital setting type RS-485 communication type
  • Simple speed setting with potentiometer or external analog signal
  • Controlling operation and stop via the I/O
  • Setting up with MEXE02 support software from PC
  • Controlling operation and shutdown via the I/O
  • Setting up from network via Modbus communication
  • Controlling operation and stop directly via the host controller
Output Power 15 W/30 W/50 W/100 W 15 W/30 W/50 W 15 W/30 W/50 W
Speed Control Range 100~3000 r/min 80~3000 r/min 80~3000 r/min
Speed Setting Method Internal speed potentiometer
External speed potentiometer
External DC Voltage
PWM Signal
RS-485 Communication
Function Instantaneous Stop
Acceleration and Deceleration Operation
Multi-Speed Operation
Multi-Motor Control
Load factor indication
torque limiting
Load holding function
Deceleration Stop

Optimal Control Adds Plus-α Value to the Equipment

Fine speed settings and excellent speed regulation ratios allow for different types of operation.

Reduced Equipment Takt Time

Reduces takt time by shortening starting and deceleration time.

There are Two Main Factors That Reduce Takt Time in the Equipment

Starting Time Reduction
Maximum instantaneous torque (1.5 times rated torque) reduces starting time
Stop Time Reduction
Deceleration stop time can be set to be shorter.
Starting time can be shortened

Selecting Deceleration Stop Methods (Digital Setting Type and RS-485 Communication Type)

Generates brake force at a deceleration stop and stops in accordance with an arbitrarily set time.
The deceleration stop operation can be set on the MEXE02 support software.

Selecting deceleration stop mode

Torque Adjustment (Digital setting type, RS-485 communication type)

A torque limiting function is provided to reduce the torque generated by the motor.
The range of maximum instantaneous torque can be set from 0 to 200 %, with 100 % at the rated torque.
The MEXE02 support software also allows you to monitor the load factor and output information at an arbitrarily set threshold (torque value).

When the Torque Limiting Value is Set at 50 %


  • Adjusting the tightening force
  • Pressurization in pressing applications (Pushing)
  • · Preventing damage from pinching (Low thrust)
  • Adjustment of gripping force
Torque Adjustment

Suitable for Quiet Environments

By reviewing the drive method of driver allowed us to achieve a lower noise level compared to conventional products.

Comparison of Driving Noise Between Conventional and Upgraded Products (With driving noise)

Simultaneous Speed Operation (Digital setting type, RS-485 communication type)

Digital setting allows speed to be set in 1 r/min increments, enabling multiple motors to operate at the same speed. You can operate multiple units at the same speed, such as running 2 conveyors side by side or running an automatic guided vehicle (AGV).

Generates a Holding Force When an External Force is Applied, Load Holding Function (Digital setting type, RS-485 communication type)

It can be used as an electrical holding brake* when stopping without a mechanical brake.

  • *Holding loads up to 50 % of rated torque.

Advantages of No Mechanical Brake Mechanism

  • Long life with no maintenance required due to non-wear parts
  • Minimizing space usage and weight of the equipment


If the power supply to the driver is turned off, the holding force dissipates. This cannot be used to prevent a fall when stopped.

Load holding function


Applications that frequently start and stop

Load holding function

A Wider Selection of Motors and Gearheads

Direct Connection via a Single Cable, No Relay Required (Connector type)

Connection Cable

1 Rank Higher Output Power (Connector type)

  • One Rank Higher Output Power at the Same Mounting Angle (Frame Size:42 mm)

    One Rank Higher Output Power at the Same Mounting Angle (Frame Size:42 mm)
  • Model Number 1 is More Compact With the Same Output Power (Output Power: 30 W)

    Model Number 1 is More Compact With the Same Output Power (Output Power: 30 W)

Standstill and Holding by Electromagnetic Brake Electromagnetic Brake Motor

The electromagnetic brake motor can hold the position during horizontal driving.
It can hold the stop position when stopping the equipment to reload or process workpieces, or hold the load in the event of blackout or other unforeseen circumstances.

high permissible torque


This product is not suitable for usages requiring vertical movement, such as gravitational operations.

Confirm Motor Stop by MOVE Output (Digital setting type, RS-485 communication type)

The MOVE output can be used to check when to turn off the electromagnetic brake.

Gearheads Selectable According to the Application

Gearhead Type Parallel Shaft Gearhead Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead
GFS Gearhead CS Geared Motor FR Gearhead
External View GFS Gearhead CS geared motor FR gearhead
  • Wide range of gear ratios
  • Rated life of 10000 hours*
  • Increased load capacity
  • center shaft
  • Rated life of 10000 hours
  • Space saving, cost saving
  • Unsaturated permissible torque
  • Rated life of 10000 hours
Motor Output Power 15 W/30 W/50 W/100 W 15 W/30 W/50 W 30 W/50 W/100 W
Gear Ratio 5~200 5~20 5~200
  • *The 15 W unit has a rated life of 5000 hours.

Refer to here for information about gearhead features.

Significantly Increases Permissible Load Flange Drive Adapter (Sold separately)

Mounting on a parallel shaft gearhead increases permissible radial and axial loads.

Refer to here for more information.

Flange Drive Adapter

Support Software Compatible

Useful Functions Utilizing Support Software MEXE02

By using the support software MEXE02, you can set and edit operation data and various parameters, as well as teach and monitor various conditions.

Click here to download the support software

Comprehensive Support From Start-Up to Maintenance With a Variety of Functions

  • Startup and Evaluation

    Useful functions for wiring check and test operation are provided.

    • Setting and Saving of Operation Data
    • I/O Monitor
    • Teaching, Remote Operation
  • Adjustment

    The following functions are available to help you adjust motor operation after the equipment is installed.

    • Waveform Monitor
  • Diagnosis and Maintenance

    Diagnostic and maintenance functions are available for trouble diagnosis and maintenance after operation is started.

    • Alarm Monitor
    • Status Monitor
    • Information Monitor
  • Operation Data/Parameter Setting Screen
    Operation Data/Parameter Setting Screen
  • Waveform monitor
    Waveform Monitor

Click here for details on support software functions

Batch Configuration and Centralized Management via Network Communication

RS-485 communication can be used to set operation data and parameters, as well as input operation commands. The Modbus (RTU) protocol is used.

Easy to Set and Change Operation Data and Save Wiring

Easy to Rewrite Operation Data


  • Operation data such as rotation speed and torque limiting value can be easily rewritten.
  • Operation data and parameters can be set together for multi-axis.
  • Remote I/O and serial communication reduces wiring.

Remote and Ongoing Monitoring Enabled

Constant Monitoring Enabled


  • Continuously monitors the driver status, including rotation speed and load factor.
  • The information function enables preventive maintenance and systematic maintenance.

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