Hollow Rotary Actuator DGII Series AZX Series Equipped

A new model equipped with an AZX Series servo motor has been added to the DGII Series of hollow rotary actuators. The drive from the servo motor, which is equipped with a battery-free built-in absolute encoder, provides high speed and high torque. It is suitable for positioning applications with a large amount of movement and for continuous operation. Since the basic operation method is the same as models equipped with the αSTEP AZ Series, they can both be easily used together within the same equipment.

Hollow Rotary Actuator DGII Series AZX Series Equipped


Servo Motor With a Battery-Free Built-In Absolute Encoder

The servo motor AZX Series used as the drive motor is equipped with the same battery-free mechanical absolute encoder (ABZO Sensor) as the AZ Series.
This servo motor is specialized for positioning and continuous operation.

  • Mechanical-Type Sensor
    Retains positioning information even when power is not supplied
  • Multi-Rotation Absolute Encoder
    Absolute position detection is possible with ±900 revolutions (1800 revolutions) of the motor shaft from the reference home position

The Basic Operation Method is the Same As Those Equipped With the AZ Series

The basic operation method for models equipped with the AZX series is the same as those equipped with the AZ series.
The AZX Series and the AZ Series can be used together in the same equipment without the hassle associated with changes in operability.

AZX Series
AZX Series
Wiring Signal system wiring
Setting Switch and parameter functions, setting methods (MEXE02 used)
Control Command ID number when controlling over a network
Operation Functions Positioning operation functions built into the driver, etc.

Achieves High Torque in the High Speed Range

The model equipped with the AZX Series achieves high torque in the high speed range.
It is suitable for positioning applications with a large amount of travel and continuous operation applications.

Characteristics diagram comparison of DGII equipped with AZX
  • This is a comparison of the speed - torque characteristics of models equipped with the AZX Series and models equipped with the AZ Series.
    Models equipped with the AZX Series offer superior torque in the high speed range, models equipped with the AZ Series are better in the low speed range.

Cable Outlet Direction Can be Changed

Since the model equipped with the AZX series is installed using a coupling, the cable outlet direction can be changed by removing the motor and changing its orientation.

Coupling Fastening Structure
DGII Coupling Fastening

Product Line

The "hollow rotary actuator," "driver," and "connection cable/flexible connection cable" are arranged separately.
They can be purchased in various combinations.

Hollow Rotary Actuators

AC Input

Type Frame Size
Gear Ratio List Price
200 mm 18 270,900 JPY
With Electromagnetic Brake
With Electromagnetic Brake
293,300 JPY


Driver Type
Power Supply Input
List Price
Driver EtherNet/IP Compatible Single-Phase/Three-Phase 200-240 VAC 84,200 JPY
  • *EtherNet/IP™ is a trademark of ODVA.

Connection Cable Sets/Flexible Connection Cable Sets

  • The motor cable, encoder cable and electromagnetic brake cable from the motor cannot be connected directly to the driver.
  • Use flexible connection cables for applications where cables are bent.
List Price
Connection Cable Set Flexible Connection Cable Set
Connection Cable Set/Flexible Connection Cable Set 1~20 8,500 JPY~39,600 JPY 9,200 JPY~59,400 JPY